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The USS Kanawha is a deep wreck which is littered with debris and artifacts remaining from before WWII.

Name Dive Site:USS Kanawha
Depth: 40-60m (131-196ft)
Inserted/Added by: invadercharters

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The USS Kanawha was a huge American oil tanker, built at the Mare Island Navy Yard in Vallejo, California in 1913. It was a huge ship of 475ft long and 56ft wide. It sank in Tulagi Harbour by a Japanese aircraft on the 8th of April 1943.

The big American fleet oiler AO-1 USS Kanawha sits upright near the entrance to Tulagi Harbour at about 60 meters (200 ft). As a warship, it was heavily armed with guns on the bow, bridge, amidships and stern. Because of the limited bottom time, dives are conducted from the submerged mooring lines on either the bow or the stern.

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Name: tulagidive

The first US Fleet oiler 476' long, though it lies in 60m it is only 40m to the forward deck and 45m to the stern deck, excellent dive with lots to explore, this was also a supply vessel for the US Marines. For the wreck enthusiast, Tulagi has, a mere 1800 meters from its wharf, the first American Fleet Oil Tanker. The USS Kanawha is 476' long, dive-able range between 40 and 60 meters. The Kanawha sits upright on the bottom and being an Army supply ship as well, it is full of history and places to explore.

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