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The Aaron Ward was an American destroyer which battled heavily during the Japanese attack near Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Name Dive Site:USS Aaron Ward
Depth: 53-70m (173-229ft)
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The second Aaron Ward (DD-483), often misspelled as Arron Ward, was launched on the 22th of November 1941 by the Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co, Kearny, New York. The ship was sponsored by Miss Hilda Ward, daughter of Admiral Ward, and commissioned on 4 March 1942. Commander O. F. Gregor was in command of the Aaron Ward when she sailed for the Pacific on the 20th of May 1942. After several escort missions she joined the covering force at Guadalcanal on the 17th of October 1942. During the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 13 November 1942, she performed gallantly, and took nine hits killing 15 of her crew and wounding 55. Using saltwater feed she cleared the area until taken in tow for Tulagi, the next morning, by Bobolink (AT-131). She entered Pearl Harbor 20 December for repairs and on 6 February 1943 rejoined the fleet. On 7 April 1943 while covering LST-449 off Togoma Point, Guadalcanal, the USS Aaron Ward was attacked by six planes which scored one hit and four "near miss", sinking her after she had scored hits on three of the planes. Casualties were 27 men killed or missing and 59 wounded.

This impressive wreck is sitting upright and intact on the sandy bottom. Possessing an extensive arsenal of guns, this is one awesome dive loved by all scuba divers.

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Name: tulagidive

You want guns, we've got guns. 4 x 5" Mounts, 2 x 40mm Bofors, 7 x 20mm cannons and 5 torpedoes. Sitting upright in 70m of water, the top of the bridge sits at 49m and is 348m long. The Ward is one of the world's premier wreck sites with a visibility on average between 20 and 30m.

A further 5km away from the USS Kanawha, lies the USS Aaron Ward, the only dive-able US Navy Destroyer lost in action. It sits upright in 70 meters of water. Descending down the mooring line to the bridge at 49 meters, you will be awestruck by her splendor. The 4 x 5"guns, 7 x 20mm cannons and 2 x 40mm Bofors are still pointing to the sky to fend off the Japanese air raid that was responsible for her demise, also 5 x 21" torpedoes still wait to be released from their tubes. The wreck is festooned with corals and fish to make it a truly memorable experience.

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