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Fanyon Canyon offers huge fans in all shades of color, all situated in perfect harmony in a wicked canyon.

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Meka-Karua-Hike (1,2,3 in Marovo) and we hit the water in perfect synchrony, drop quickly into the current and masses of blue and gold fusiliers, and every shade of gray and silver sleek unicorn surgeons. We ride the gentle current to the opening of a magnificent canyon. At 100 feet (30 m) we signal our divers to lie back and look up to the light through massive fans lining both sides of the canyon.

Our bubbles moving through the fans create an illusion of silver jewellery. And the treasure hunt begins, searching the ledges for the rare and interesting- the Black headed Filefish, Many-lined basslet, schools of baby catfish, strange looking opaque cardinals, Shadow fin soldiers, myriad sponge eating nudibranchs. Let us not forget the resident Pygmy seahorse. We zig-zag our way up, up, up the canyon walls, occasionally abandoning the marine life search to just hover in the middle and revel in the scenery.

The upper reef offers hard corals with clouds of brilliant damsels and anthias, our rare endemic White Bonnet Anemone fish, clown, pink, and orange finned anemone fish, and a wall where every inch is covered with corals and sponges, all competing for space to live and feed, and hiding tiny gobies and pixie hawkfish.


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