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Dive site Treasure is a small patch reef which attracts thousands of species, of which many are uncommon.

Name Dive Site:Treasure
Depth: 25-35m (82-114ft)
Inserted/Added by: lisa

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We descend into a rather bland looking shallow black sand patch, and head down the sandy slope, ignoring the reefs we pass, heading for a tiny patch reef at 100ft. Patch reefs (isolated small reefs in sandy area) tend to attract rare and unusual species. We are not disappointed. Three new species of anthias - red-bar, Shen's and bi-color, greet our excited eyes. Hundreds of tiny hinge-beak shrimps vie with their bigger cousins, gold cleaners, to jump on our fingers and give our nails a good cleaning to our delight. An eel gazes out at the intruders, and a new, unidentified red-white-and brown anemone hides in a hole. And- wow- a brilliant, but elusive, baby emperor angel fish hides in a corner.

And it is time to ascend-- to rich sloping hard coral beds hiding signal gobies, mandarin fish, spine-cheeked anemone fish, hunting lions, scores of baby cardinals- a veritable reef nursery. Back in our sand patch, we discover new shrimp gobies and their attendant housekeepers and the first ever sand divers. We surface, shouting elatedly at all the treasures we have found- and our new dive site has its name.


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