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B-17 Bomber:
The looted remains of an American B-17 bomber can be found on the sandy bottom offshore Guadalcanal.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Solomon Islands.

Kavachi Korner

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

We call Kicha Island our "crown jewel"- a small island, but rich in diversity both above and below the surface. Drifting down through massive rock formations cleaved from the island eons ago, we reach the wall where the action usually begins. A loud "KA-BOOM" has everyone looking around anxiously, checking everyone's gear, until we remember Kavachi, the emerging volcano 18 miles south of Kicha. For some reason, this particular wall catches the sound with sometimes painful intensity, giving a per...

Devils Highway

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Devils Highway is one of the very few places in the world where you can dive with a resident colony of giant manta rays. Washed by very strong current, these wonderful creatures, 3 to 5 meter across, feed over a shallow reef. It is one of the best dives you will do in Maravagi....

American Corsair Fighter Plane

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The pilot of the American Corsair Fighter Plane crashed into the sea at great speed with his aircraft broken in five recognizable large pieces around a depth of 27m. As with all dives in the Solomon Islands, the attraction is not only the plane wreck, but also the fantastic marine life, including an amazing number of clown fish....

American Hellcat Fighter Plane

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The American Hellcat Fighter Plane is nearly completely intact and lying in just 10m of water. The dive is high on the list for underwater photographers....

Grand Central Station

Rated 3.4, 5 votes

Grand central station is one of the best known dive sites in the Solomon Islands. It is a dive site that suits all level of divers. If you want to go deep, you can at the wall which goes well below 50 meters, if not, aquatic life is even more wonderful in the shallower parts of the wall. Once finished going down, the dive actually begins as a stunning drift dive. You will see schools of barracuda, trevally, sharks, eagle rays and mantas. Soft corals and fans adorn the walls while the waters ar...

Bonegi One, Hirokawa Maru

Rated 3.0, 4 votes

The Bonegi I or Hirokawu Miru is a Japanese transport ship that was attacked by American Dive Bombers and beached in November 1942. Access in and out of this wreck is easy and safe from the nearby shore making it ideal for beginner to advanced divers. The shallower sections of the ship, starting at about 5m, are fairly broken up with the main attraction being the fantastic coral and fish life. The deeper parts, up to depths of 57m, are far more intact and makes for a very interesting dive. The h...

Tokyo Maru 11

Rated 3.0, 2 votes

The Tokyo Maru is a deep dive for the wreck enthusiast. This 100ft wreck is a Japanese tuna boat, which hit the reef one dark night, in 1988, and now lays in 40m of water....

Plum Pudding Island, Kennedy Island

Rated 2.0, 2 votes

Kennedy Island, known locally as Plum Pudding Island, now lends its name from the late US President John F. Kennedy. Who was ship wrecked with his crew off the motor torpedo boat PT-109, during World War II. It is a sandy beached island that's great for beginners on the inside reef and more interesting for experienced divers on the outer reef....

Casi Maru

Rated 2.0, 1 votes

The Kasi Maru (Casi maru), a Japanese freighter, was bombed at anchor after local coast watchers tipped off American forces. The 45 meters long wreck now sits only twenty meters from the shore; the hull lies in 18m, which makes it a good site for snorkelers and novice divers alike. More experienced divers can penetrate further into the fire-damaged engine room and accommodation....

SBD Douglas Dive Bomber

Rated 1.3, 3 votes

This American SBD-4 Douglas (Dauntless) dive-bomber was shot down in June 1943 during a raid and is now a very popular dive site. Hit by anti-aircraft fire, pilot Jim Dougherty attempted to fly back to the Russell Islands. Unfortunately, the aircraft and Jim made a crash landing in Rendova Harbour. In 1995, Jim returned to Munda to visit and dive his old plane on the anniversary of the day he was shot down....