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The lodges on Gatokae Island are situated near the world famous Marovo Lagoon, a guarantee for spectacular scuba diving.

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Gatokae Island is the most southeastern main island of the New Georgia group of Solomon Islands' Western Province. There are quite a few lodges and eco-resorts to suit the wishes of mostly Western tourists catering mainly for enthusiastic scuba divers. It is situated near the world famous Marovo Lagoon but local diving is often as good. Other islands nearby are Kicha Island, Male Male Island and Mbulo Island (Bulo Island). Famous dive sites are Kavachi Corner, Toana Tables, Charapae Point Wall and Fanyon Canyon.

Besides scuba diving, you can visit several of the picturesque local villages such as Sobiro village, Biche village or Peava village and see craftsmanship at work (stone and woodcarving). Local guides are always interested in bringing you to the best spots while bush walking and pointing out native species. There is an intact Japanese fighter that was shot at the end of World War II and you can visit several ancient fortified villages and ceremonial sites. You can walk to the peak of Mount Mariu at about 2900 foot or take a motor canoe trip up the Gevala River. Since tourism is sparse here, you will feel like being away completely, enjoying the beauties of this far far-away paradise.

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- Solomon Dive Adventures, Peava Village, Marovo Lagoon

Solomon Dive Adventures

Solomon Dive Adventures
 Peava Village

Marovo Lagoon

For 15 years, Lisa and her guitar have been escorting groups of divers to the Solomons, falling more and more in love with the country and her people as she dove and sang her way through the islands. With each trip, it became harder and harder for her to leave the warm, prolific waters and her increasing roster of friends. And so she is moving to the small village of Peava on the island of Nggatokae at the southeastern end of Marovo Lagoon.


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