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One of the most developed villages in the Solomon Islands is Gizo with superb offshore diving and excellent nutrient rich waters.

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The capital of the Western Province, the most frequent visited dive destinations in the Solomon Islands, is Gizo (Ghizo), a remote and relatively quiet place with only 6000 friendly residents. Although being the most touristic island of the Solomons, there are on average not more than 5000 tourists a year. Gizo is the main town with a many small shops and an open air market located next to the waterfront. Nearby, after a beautiful coastal walk, you will reach Saeraghi Village where life is still as it was hundreds of years ago. You can also visit other Melanesian and Gilbertese villages, or enjoy the beauty of the islands Skull Island and Simbo Island.

Many battles between the allied and the Japanese have been fought at the Solomon Islands, resulting in many WWII relics and underwater plane and shipwrecks. Some of the more popular are the Toa Maru, a 140 meter long Japanese transport ship, which is still filled with bottles and many other artifacts. Other wrecks are the Tokyo Maru and the American fighter planes Hellcat and Corsair. Kennedy Island is of relevance since it is the island where the late US president JFK and his crew were wrecked. Inland you can find historical sites including an American Tank and Japanese Gun. Views across the majestic Kolombangra, the tallest dormant volcano in the region, dominate the skyline and provides for breathtaking views. Inland bird watching trips, beautiful rainforest hikes and off course its many sun drenched lagoons and pretty white beaches.

Gizo, and the Solomon Islands in general, is one of the final frontiers for diving. Water temperatures are in the low thirties, beaches are pretty and its underwater environment is spectacular at least. Ship wrecks, airplanes, steep drop-offs and excellent coral formation litter the ocean floor. The coral formations at two of Gizo's most popular dive sites, Grand Central Station and Hot Spot, have been severely damaged by the 2007 8.1 earthquake and belonging tsunami. Scuba divers as well as snorkelers will love this remote holiday paradise.


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