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Toana Tables is a dive beautiful for its millions of fish, phenomenal wall and spectacular Comet Cave.

Name Dive Site:Toana Tables, Comet Cave
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At dive site Toana Tables, we fall into the blue, and down the wall, moving from undercut to undercut, seeking the brilliant Decorated Dartfish, and the busy Randall's shrimp gobies with their busy, blind housekeeping shrimp. Fusiliers streaming past distract our search, as do the giant bump head parrotfish (Topa in local language), and the occasional gray or white tip reef shark.

Oops, out of bottom time again- and we work our way up to Comet Cave- in actuality, a giant slit back into the land. With our powerful torches we search the nooks and crannies for the elusive Comet, the rare black morph of the long nose butterfly, and the shy pipefish.

Moving back into the light, we emerge to a plateau of table corals, branching corals sheltering colorful damsels and anthias, who are busily feeding in columns as high as 2 meters. Always hunting the rare and unusual, we point out the black and white New Guinea Wrasse, the Yellow Breasted Wrasse- oh- and there's a pair of broom filefish. Our final treasure is a pair of the delightful orange, green and yellow long-nosed file fish.


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