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  1. American Corsair Fighter Plane : This nice Corsair Fighter Plane makes for excellent pictures and has an excellent sloping reef with numerous species of fish.
  2. American Hellcat Fighter Plane :
  3. Big Dip :
  4. Dazza's Knob :
  5. Grand Central Station : Diving at dive site Grand Central Station
  6. Hoppa's Garden :
  7. Joes Wall : Joes Wall is one of the best wall dives in Gizo, the Solomon Islands.
  8. Manta Dive : The cleaning station at dive site Manta Point is a must see if you are interested in seeing tehse creatures from close.
  9. Naru Gap : Naru Gap is a great drift dive along the channels that enter Gizo Lagoon.
  10. Naru Wall : Naru Wall is the most popular drop-off in Gozo with excellent drift diving opportunities and huge marine species.
  11. Olasana Reef :
  12. One Tree Island : The reef around One Tree Island is colorful, rich in life and suitable for all level of divers.
  13. Plum Pudding Island, Kennedy Island : Kennedy Island or Plum Pudding Island was named in memory of JF Kennedy who wrecked here with his crew.
  14. Sharks Alley : The deep drift at Shark Alley is famous for its many different species of sharks that are often seen here.
  15. Toa Maru : The Toa Maru is a huge Japanese wreck perfect for multiple exploration dives as there are many artifacts remaining in its holds.
  16. Tokyo Maru 11 :
    1. Uepi : Uepi Island, at the outer edge of the Marovo Lagoon, is one of the most remote regularly visited scuba diving location in the Solomon Islands.
      1. Wickham Harbour : Wickham Harbour is known for its spectacular Japanese wrecks that make for some excellent diving here.
        1. Kicha :
          1. Kavachi Korner : Kavachi Corner is a stunning wall dive named after an emerging volcano just south of Kicha Island.
        2. Male Male :
          1. Fanyon Canyon : Fanyon Canyon offers huge fans in all shades of color, all situated in perfect harmony in a wicked canyon.
          2. Hanging Gardens : The Hanging Gardens is a dive site with several of the best hanging soft corals and fans seen in the Solomon Islands.
          3. Ukala Via : Ukala Via translates from local Marovo language as beyond your wildest imaginations.
        3. Mbulo :
          1. Toana Tables : Toana Tables is a dive beautiful for its millions of fish, phenomenal wall and spectacular Comet Cave.
        4. Treasure : Dive site Treasure is a small patch reef which attracts thousands of species, of which many are uncommon.
        1. Casi Maru : The small Japanese freighter Kasi Maru is filled with marine life and a popular dive for wreck divers.
        2. Cave of the Custon Shark : The Cave of the Custom Shark starts at a fresh water spring in the middle of Ndokendoke Island continuing out towards the sea.
        3. Haepe Pinnacle : Haipe Pinnacle is a steep in fish and coral covered coral mount known for its diversity.
        4. SBD Douglas Dive Bomber : The historic wreck of the SBD Douglas Dive Bomber is one of the most popular American aircraft wrecks in the Solomon Islands.
        5. Shark Point : At dive site Shark Point you will find sharks in all sorts and species, steep wall diving and hefty currents.
        1. Azumasan Maru : The Azumasan Maru is a great dive site but unfortunately not dived often because of its depth.
        2. B-17 Bomber : The looted remains of an American B-17 bomber can be found on the sandy bottom offshore Guadalcanal.
        3. Bonegi One, Hirokawa Maru : The Bonegi I or Hirokawa Maru was a huge ship bombed by the Americans and nowadays forming a spectacular multilevel wreck dive.
        4. Bonegi Two, Kinagawa Maru : The Kinugawa Maru or Bonegi II is a great wreck dive partly submerged creating an excellent dive in tropical waters.
        5. Sasako Maru : The Sussaka Maru or Sasako Maru is another deep wreck dive suitable only for advanced diving.
        6. USS John Penn : The American troop and cargo vessel USS John Penn was sunk by a torpedo from a Japanese air raid.
        1. Kawanishi H6K5 Sea Plane : One of the Japanese Kawanishi Sea Planes was hit by fighter jets to sink her offshore Gavutu Island.
        2. Manta Gap : Manta Gap or Manta Passage offers a high speed drift dive where encounters with mantas are not uncommon while diving here.
        3. Presentation Point :
        4. T-Spot :
        5. Twin Tunnels : The ancient lava tubes that form the dive Twin Tunnel start at a patch reef vertically dropping down to about 40m.
        6. USS Aaron Ward : The Aaron Ward was an American destroyer which battled heavily during the Japanese attack near Honiara, Solomon Islands.
        7. USS Kanawha : The USS Kanawha is a deep wreck which is littered with debris and artifacts remaining from before WWII.
        8. USS Mineapolis :
        1. Baby Cake, Velvia : Baby Cake is a great colorful reef with plenty of fish and invertebrates, great for muck diving.
        2. Crayfish Cave :
        3. Devils Highway : Devils Highway is world renowned for its resident population of manta rays which are most often seen while scuba diving here.
        4. Pyramid :
        5. Sandfly Passage : Sandfly Passage, near Tanavula Point, is a great channel wall dive in many colors.
        6. Tama Mau Maru :