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The Hanging Gardens is a dive site with several of the best hanging soft corals and fans seen in the Solomon Islands.

Name Dive Site:Hanging Gardens
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Picture if you can, an underwater wall of brilliant orange-gold marigolds. Centered in the wall are a series of ledges, all hung with baskets of flowering corals of every hue-blues, magentas, snow-whites, greens and tans. Hidden in these ledges are brilliant red squirrels and soldiers, busy cleaning stations, tiny pygmy wrasses, purple and yellow anthias, the occasional, sleeping white tip shark, disgruntled by our searching lights, Brilliant angels feed nearby amid schools of pyramids, and clown triggers perform on the slopes. You are, quite literally, drowning in color. If you can lure yourself away from the ledges, the theatre in the blue features the ever present blue and yellow fusiliers, the gray and silver unicorns, giant bumphead parrots, and the occasional school of rainbow runners with their outriders, the gray reef sharks.

All too soon, it's up to the shallows of the top of the surge swept point with an entirely different cast of characters. Courting male Jansen's wrasses flash their blues and greens to impress the ladies, Pallette surgeons gleam their cobalt blue, tiny blennies dash out to feed, rare zebra dart fish hover with look-a-like wrasses, and the bumpheads come to be cleaned by an array of hungry fish.


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