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Kavachi Corner is a stunning wall dive named after an emerging volcano just south of Kicha Island.

Name Dive Site:Kavachi Korner
Inserted/Added by: lisa

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We call Kicha Island our "crown jewel"- a small island, but rich in diversity both above and below the surface. Drifting down through massive rock formations cleaved from the island eons ago, we reach the wall where the action usually begins. A loud "KA-BOOM" has everyone looking around anxiously, checking everyone's gear, until we remember Kavachi, the emerging volcano 18 miles south of Kicha. For some reason, this particular wall catches the sound with sometimes painful intensity, giving a percussive background to the dive. We pay almost no attention to the stunning wall as we pass through thick schools of rainbow runners, barracuda, snappers, with the ever present gray reef sharks riding outside herd.

At depth, a wall of silver arises over the point as an endless stream of big-eye jacks come hurtling up over the edge. A silvertip shark, graceful and beautiful, meanders into view, checks out these strange bubble blowing creatures, and wanders away, leaving us in muted awe. And our computers signal time to ascend. Now we turn our attention to the fan studded wall, searching the cracks for the rare comets and twin-spot lions we know abide here. We rise over the edge to the disgruntlement of a particularly beautiful family of Clark's anemone fish. Our long shallow time passes quickly as we hunt for rare Meyer's and reticulated butterflies, flame angels, visit our sleeping shark cavern, and marvel at the varieties, shapes and sheer numbers of resident hard coral beds. All too soon, we surface with stories to share.


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